About Us

Our Team


Our Architectural Design team consists of two persons Anna Anelgolm and Svetlana Matveeva working together since 2010 in Moscow.

We are conducting our professional activities in the field architectural interior design and object design. We provide full architectural and interior design from concept to completion of public and privet spaces.

Within this period we have completed 14 projects. All this projects are located in the Moscow and in the Moscow region. Since 2016 year we started to work also in Riga, Latvia.


Our goal is not to run for quantity because we are striving to immerse deeply in the project to understand and feel the space and find its optimal disclosure when interacting with a person. We are against of intentional styling of the interior. The sources of our inspiration are simple: we are finding them in everyday life.

We are sharing the conceptuality of Peter Zumthor, music of the lines of Levon Airapetov and sculptural minimalism of Francois Champsaur.

Anna Anelgolm was born in Novosibirsk and now lives and works in Moscow. She attended the faculty of Design of the Environment of Novosibirsk State Architectural Academy where she graduated in 1998. Professional practice started with Grigorij Kuzhelev and Galina Budnikova architects from Novosibirsk. For two years working for the furniture company Wellmark. Since 2002 till 2011 intense experience of leading of the projects from the very beginning till completion in the Moscow Architectural studio of Pavel Romanov and Levon Airapetov.


Svetlana Matveeva was born in Irkutsk region on the Baykal lake. She graduated from Technical University with a degree in architecture in 1998. After graduation she was working for «NovosibUrbanProject”. In 2002 she moved to Moscow and started to work in the Moscow Architectural studio of Pavel Romanov and Levon Airapetov, this period had a huge impact on her professional skills.